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Conscious Connections

This workshop is all about consciously building deep, meaningful connections with yourself and others.

We all have unconscious patterns, fears, beliefs, behaviours and assumptions that can deeply impact our lives and relationships. Listening to our emotions is the first step in recognising these patterns—rather than letting them run our lives.

In this workshop, we will give you practical tools to listen to your emotions and recognise your unmet needs, particularly when you have conflict with others. As you learn to do this—and it’s not that hard when you have the right tools—greater intimacy, ease and love will flow in your relationships.

A workshop that will genuinely transform your life and bring a new level of awareness to your being.

Led by Elisa Caro

Elisa is a tantric, sacred sexual shamanic and mindful sexuality practitioner. Her work blends teachings from ancient tantra, shamanism and modern psychology to empower people to embrace their sexuality and feel at ease in their body so that they can live their lives with greater truth and integrity.

Earlier Event: 18 August
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Later Event: 24 August
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