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Learn Your Cycle

The average woman has 450 periods in her lifetime.  And yet, how much do we really know about our cycles? How much attention have we been paying to our remarkable biology?

In this workshop, we will explore the menstrual cycle in depth to gain empowerment and agency over our bodies.

We will learn:

  • How the menstrual cycle relates to the phases of the moon

  • Self care practices for the different phases we all experience

  • How to chart our cycle to identify times of fertility during ovulation, as well as to predict the onset of menstruation

  • How to identifying when our cycle and hormones are out of balance

  • How to heal common issues with herbs and nutrition

An open and honest conversation that will empower you with the knowledge we should have all been given as young girls.

Led by Caitlin Covington

Caitlin is a clinical herbalist and has spent the past decade studying with a variety of traditional healers, herbalists, and naturopaths to learn the science and art of using herbs and food as medicine. She specialises in women’s hormonal and reproductive health (menarche to menopause), digestion, skin issues, anxiety/depression, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and detoxification.

Caitlin is available for one-on-one sessions every Monday and Tuesday at Gather.

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