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Herbs for The Woman

Gather with us for an evening of learning, conversation and connection as we explore the many ways in which medicinal plants can support and nourish the female system, from digestion to fertility to stress and anxiety.

We will discuss herbs from a variety of traditions including European, South American, Ayurveda (India), and Traditional Chinese medicine, with a focus on those used to heal ailments in women from the childbearing years to menopause.

This hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to touch, taste, and smell the herbs we discuss.


Hosted by Caitlin Covington

Caitlin is a clinical herbalist and has spent the past decade studying with a variety of traditional healers, herbalists, and naturopaths to learn the science and art of using herbs and food as medicine. She specialises in women’s hormonal and reproductive health (menarche to menopause), digestion, skin issues, anxiety/depression, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and detoxification.

Caitlin is available for one-on-one sessions Mondays and Tuesdays at Gather.

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Later Event: 25 September
Full Moon in Aries