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Identifying & Managing Perinatal Anxiety

A workshop created for women in the perinatal period; that is those trying to conceive, pregnant and postpartum. We will gather to learn about perinatal anxiety, the impact it can have, tools to manage it and a space to share experiences so as not to feel so alone during this time.

During the perinatal period, a woman's physical health is often in focus. For many, preparing for pregnancy involves an intense focus on lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. During pregnancy, things like nausea, extreme sickness, insomnia, fatigue, and physical discomfort/pain arise. After the baby arrives, women are often managing physical ailments while trying to adjust to motherhood and caring for their child. This time can also be emotionally depleting.

Your mental health during the perinatal period is just as important as your physical health. For some women, this is a time where anxiety levels increase and can easily become unmanageable, particularly if a woman’s journey towards motherhood has involved complications and losses. Not only is she experiencing unfamiliar changes to her body, lifestyle and identity but she is starting to feel responsible for the health and safety of her baby, anticipating childbirth and life as a mother. The perinatal period also brings about other stressful life events i.e., changes in relationships and finances. These factors can contribute to heightened levels of stress and anxiety. For some women, this heightened level of stress and anxiety is something very new and difficult to manage.

In our two hour introductory workshop, we will teach you how to:

  • recognise the symptoms of anxiety

  • identify the consequences anxiety is having on your wellbeing and relationships

  • implement anxiety management strategies to help you regain control

  • share experiences of anxiety relevant to the perinatal period

$20 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Women’s & Infants Research Foundation Masquerade Ball.


Led by Veronica Johnston

Veronica is a psychologist at Real World Psychology. She has a special interest in women’s mental health.

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