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Breastfeeding Education & Support

An interactive, relaxed class for pregnant women and their partners to learn all about newborn feeding. We’ll help you gain confidence in your body’s and your baby’s breastfeeding ability and also unpack alternatives so you are fully prepared for your baby’s feeding journey.

We’ll cover:

  • The importance of skin-to-skin contact

  • Establishing a milk supply

  • Feeding positions

  • Demand feeding vs routines

  • Normalising newborn feeding and sleeping behaviours and how to know baby is getting enough milk

  • How breastfeeding works for both mum and baby

  • Impact of labour and birth on early breastfeeding

  • Myth debunking and normalising expectations

  • Support strategies

  • Partner involvement

  • Pumping and milk storing

  • Alternative feeding options: formula and donor milk

Led by Rowena Gray

Rowena is a certified IBCLC lactation consultant committed to providing evidence-based breastfeeding help and support to Melbourne mums. She is the mother of three young daughters and has experienced the ups and downs of breastfeeding firsthand. With over 15 years experience in paediatric nursing and midwifery, she is passionate about helping mothers to have a better breastfeeding experience.