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Intro to Crystals

For the longest time, crystals seemed a bit out there and woo-woo, definitely not mainstream. But so many of us are waking up to their incredible healing powers and carrying them with us for grounding, support, power, energy, intuition and a myriad more personal reasons.

Gather with us for this fun introduction to the healing power of crystals and learn how you can harness their power for yourself, your family, your home and the spaces that mean the most to you. We’ll touch, feel, see and experience crystals and talk about how they can increase harmony and balance, uplift, energise, and help find stillness.

The workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to the nature of crystals

  • How and why we cleanse crystals

  • In-depth info on some of our favourite crystals

  • Meditating and connecting with crystals

  • An introduction to crystal grids and body layouts

There will be basic crystal kits available for sale if you feel called to start, or add, to your crystal collection.

Led by Natasha Colchester

Natasha has been working with crystals for decades both personally and in her professional healing practice. Natasha has a background in psychology and her current practice includes kinesiology, past life regression, Theta Healing™, Soul Link™, Shamanic practices, vibrational remedies, crystal and sound healing techniques. Elements which are all enhanced by the use of crystals!

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