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Pregnancy Support Group ~ 9 Session Course

Continuity of care is a known benefit in pregnancy to ensure women feel safe, heard and empowered.

This group is facilitated by Bun + Oven, a midwife-led program with the objective to empower women in their pregnancy, birth preparation and parenting education path.

Each group meets eight times throughout the pregnancy and, once all women in the group have birthed, the group meets again in the postnatal period to help debrief and share in the joy of motherhood.

What do the sessions involve?

Session One Clinical dietary recommendations, hormonal changes, supplements, anxiety management, communication tools

Session Two Models of care options, testing, ailments

Session Three Mental health, identity, pelvic floor health, diet + exercise

Session Four Sleep, baby movements, scans

Session Five Myth busters, early parenting, breastfeeding

Session Six Normal labour + birth, hormones, stages of labour

Session Seven Pain relief options in labour, body changes, potential complications in labour and birth

Session Eight Breastfeeding, getting ready for bub, first few weeks of parenthood

Session Nine Come together as new parents with your new bundle to recap the incredible journey you have all embarked on together, debrief and reflection of birth experience, breastfeeding and postnatal support, resources and support services

How much is it?

The series is $950, which includes all sessions, a 24/7 midwife support hotline and private group forum.

What are the dates of the sessions?

All sessions run 7-9pm and are as follows for Group 1. Another group will be added soon. Email us if you’d like to find out more.

Thursday 11 July

Thursday 8 August

Thursday 5 September

Thursday 3 October

Thursday 14 November

Wednesday 11 December

Thursday 2 January 2020

Thursday 23 January 2020

Thursday 26 March 2020

How many weeks pregnant do I need to be to join the first group?

You need to be between 4 and 12 weeks pregnant for the first session on Thursday 11 July.

What if I have a miscarriage after joining?

Sadly miscarriages occur. We will support you through this time if that is what you are needing. We have connections with loss counselling and can have one-to-one sessions if required. Every circumstance is unique and we will endeavour to find the resolution that suits each need with a FULL refund or option for joining a new group in the future. Be reassured knowing this and please do not let the prospect of loss or uncertainty of how early in your pregnancy you are be a hinderance to joining a group.

Led by Millie Hodgson of Bun + Oven

Millie is a practicing registered midwife, nurse and childbirth education facilitator. She has worked in the public and private health sector in Victoria for several years in a variety of capacities. She is passionate about women’s health and ensuring women feel empowered and connected with their pregnancy.

Millie created Bun + Oven as she noticed a disparity in the availability of care and support for women in particular from early in their pregnancy journey. This is a time when women feel most isolated, unsure and searching for someone to lead them in the right direction.

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