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Whole Food Nutrition for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

This evidence-based, practical talk will help you confidently build your own pregnancy and breastfeeding diet to surpass yours and baby’s needs.

It is designed to empower you to see the significance of the food choices you make. We’ll bring awareness to the role of food as a formidable instrument in nurturing baby’s growth and supporting your own health; during this time of increased need.

The perfect workshop for anyone who can’t get beyond the ‘pregnancy foods to avoid’ list or finds themselves beyond underwhelmed by the ‘eating for two’ rhetoric.

Given that some mothers will be on specific diets or may have already developed nutritional deficiencies, we will additionally consider supplemental options.

We’ll cover:

- Super foods for pregnancy, food sourcing and preparation

- Supplemental guidance

- Food safety during pregnancy

- Super foods for breastfeeding (and postpartum healing)

- Foods to avoid/ limit whilst breastfeeding

- Galactagogues for breastmilk production

Led by Josie Penn, Fertility & Pregnancy Nutritionist

Josie has worked as a Nutritional Therapist for many years and chose to specialise in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery following the birth of her twins in early 2017. She was struck by the lack of quality, up to date, evidenced-based information readily available to the public around pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and offers both private one on one sessions and regular talks to improve awareness of optimal nutrition in this period of our lives.

Josie is available every second Wednesday at Gather. Book a session with her here.

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