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Cacao Ceremony

Gather with us for this heart-opening cacao ceremony, where we will be drinking a very special organic cacao produced by an all-female Mayan family. 

Cacao, when experienced in its purest form (mixed with water as a hot drink), is used as a form of natural high to guide us deep into the emotional center of our body; the heart, where euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the natural world around us.

During the ceremony, we will gather around an earth altar, set our intentions, pray/sing to the cacao and be led in a guided meditation that will take us through the four major elements and eventually in to the heart of the earth to see what message awaits us there. 

A few things...

- It’s best to arrive on an empty stomach to feel the effects of the cacao more strongly. At least try to avoid coffee beforehand, to fully tune into the vibration of cacao. 

- Bring a blanket or warm sweater, so you are nice and comfy during the ceremony. 

- Bring an offering such as flowers from your garden or anything else you feel may be appropriate to offer to the earth altar.

Led by Kadhi Moonflower

Kadhi has just returned to Melbourne after living in magical Guatemala for the last four years where she worked closely with the cacao spirit, hosting cacao ceremonies and serving this powerful heart-opening medicine in both private and group ceremonies on her forest land.


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