What would it feel like to be truly held through pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Our doulas provide emotional and physical support and education to help you navigate this time in your life with confidence. If you'd like to meet one of the wise women below, please email or come along to our next free info session.  


Vaughne Geary, BIRTH DOULA (YONI Co.)

Vaughne supports, honours and empowers the expanding collective of yoni yielding mothers, their partners and family through the life changing journey of pregnancy, labour and birth. Based in Northcote, Vaughne is a qualified birth doula, who has trained intensively through the Australian Doula College and with Angela Gallo.

Vaughne recognises that birth is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, and brings a collective calm to her clients and the birthing space, whilst providing her full attention and presence. She loves to show positivity, humour and unwavering support to each birthing person, to ensure that you feel understood, acknowledged, relaxed and safe when bringing your baby in to the world. She is dedicated to improving each birth experience through heartfelt emotional, physical and informational support.

Currently a final year naturopathic student, Vaughne's hope for the coming year is to provide holistic health, education and healing services to women, birthing people and their partners looking for reproductive, fertility, pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal support.

SUNNI HART, BIRTH DOULA (lovepresenceandpower)

Sunni is a Carriage House Birth certified birth doula and soon to be postnatal doula under the guidance of Angela Gallo. She holds an inherent belief that pregnancy and birth is an inner journey, a true rite of passage and a sacred act—the details of which stay with you for life.

Sunni believes that a mother/birthing person and their family not only deserve but will benefit deeply from the consistent love and care of a doula who can support and help navigate them through this time. She provides unbiased, judgement-free support and the opportunity to explore all of your options without the constraints of time or policies. Whether you want an unmedicated home birth or scheduled belly birth, her motivation lies in empowering and educating you and your partner (if applicable) so that you realise your own capacity to work together with your mind and body in the symphony that is the bringing of life.

Sunni promises to hold space for you and let your story unfold while doing everything she can to ensure that you are informed, present, breathing and in your power even when things take unexpected turns. It is truly her privilege as a doula to make sure that you are tuned in and feeling happy, safe and secure in order to achieve the most beautiful pregnancy and birth experience possible.




Dasha has been supporting women and their families through birth and parenthood for a couple of years now. She is particularly interested in strengthening the relationship between partners as they navigate birth and life as parents. Dasha has a diverse background of training ranging from doula foundations, spiritual midwifery, parenthood and relationship growth, communication and coaching skills as well as being a mother and wife herself. With challenge comes opportunity and Dasha offers her passion, perspective, knowledge and wisdom to help make the most of the opportunities for growth in parenthood.



Gabrielle is a Carriage House Birth trained birth doula who believes wholeheartedly in supporting the mother/birthing person however their story unfolds. Birth is a powerful, primal, sacred experience that will stay with you forever and Gabrielle's passion lies in supporting and educating the mother and her partner so that their experience is positive and empowering. She is available for labour and delivery support as well as prenatal education and birth debriefing. 

As the founder of Gather, Gabrielle is working to provide the women of Melbourne with easier access to doulas so that they can find the one that feels right for them. Inviting someone into your birth space is a big deal and we are here to help you navigate those decisions.




Kate is a qualified naturopath, postpartum doula and mother of two who loves to support women as they transition through the many different phases of motherhood, from pre-conception to pregnancy, birth and postpartum, with the support of natural medicine and traditional practices. Working with Kate, you can expect a very warm and friendly approach with many different options for nurturing yourself after birth so that you can be a strong, confident and happy mother. In addition to emotional support and encouragement during pregnancy, Kate places a large focus on herbal and nutritional medicine to help support recovery, healing, breastfeeding and wellbeing.


Catherine mcintyre, postpartum doula (Formation postpartum)

Catherine is a certified postpartum doula who is honoured to support new mothers and parents in the post birth period and beyond. She is guided by traditional postpartum practice, with a focus on healing, rest and nourishment.

Catherine was drawn to this work after the birth of her daughter—a time in which her world shifted. She felt wide open, vulnerable and had to learn to operate from a whole new perspective. The transition to parenthood can be tough, especially if you don’t have plans in place to be as supported as possible. Birth has the potential to become so central, that the aftermath of such a huge event can pale in comparison. The support that new parents receive after a child is born can have an effect for years to come.

Catherine’s role as a postpartum doula is not to advise or prescribe. As a queer parent, she understands that every family story is unique—and this is something to be celebrated. She will provide you with the support you need—while you tune into the frequency of parenthood.



Rain Inaya Ali, postPARTUM, abortion and loss support doula (THE FLOWER DOULA)

Rain is a certified postpartum, abortion and loss support doula and a Gather practitioner offering womb-work, postnatal and child loss treatments.

Rain’s work recognises that we are still nature, we are still wild. She honours what is intuitive, strong, untamed and forgotten in woman. With grace, gentleness, wisdom and love, Rain brings forth the ancient medicine of our ancestors, reawakening our memories, our power that has long been suppressed.

When we are witnessed and held without shame, criticism and judgment, we arrive home, safe to explore our bodies, our world, our relationships. Ultimately, we become the keepers of the stories, the ones who know.


Sophie is a qualified postpartum doula, shiatsu therapist and pilates instructor and is also a mother to two young and rambunctious children. She is passionate about supporting women and their bodies throughout the birthing years. Sophie is especially keen on providing nurturing bodywork and restorative movement to help women befriend and restore their mother bodies with kindness and respect. She is gentle, supportive and caring and equally capable at cooking you delicious lactation cookies, teaching pelvic floor, diastasis and post cesarean birth exercises and functional movement and providing you with soothing bodywork including the Closing the Bones ritual.




As a birth and postpartum doula, Ellie is passionate about providing holistic, personalised care, as well as evidence-based and unbiased information about the childbirth process, in order for expectant parents to feel emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for the journey of birth.

Ellie has completed her training with the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association in New York, and is also a registered nurse. Ellie is excited to offer her knowledge in natural pain relief techniques for the different stages of labour, as well as her medical expertise as a nurse.

Louise Maguire, Birth and Postpartum Doula (Mamma Mudra)

Louise is a qualified nurse and yoga teacher and is training to become a doula this year with Angela Gallo, although she has been personally studying this area for years.

Louise likes to consider the entire being during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Holistic support and self-care at this time enable women to gain a deeper understanding of their own bodies, minds and preferences. It gives them the confidence to make personal and empowered decisions which allow them to have an easier transition into motherhood and the postpartum period.

“I feel the current healthcare system is missing some key elements in maternal care and I aim to bridge this gap through physical, emotional and spiritual support”.

Louise will be offering discounts on her services until her training is complete. Her warm and gentle nature has been of great value to those she’s supported so far.