Caitlin Covington, Clinical Herbalist

Caitlin is a herbalist, flower essence practitioner, medicine maker, and wildcrafter. She has spent the past decade studying with a variety of traditional healers, herbalists, and naturopaths to learn the science and art of using herbs and food as medicine. Her specialities include: women’s hormonal/reproductive health (menarche to menopause), digestion, skin issues, anxiety/depression, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and detoxification. In recent years her work has expanded to include energy work, pulse/tongue diagnosis, flower/stone essences, and deeper work with the unconscious mind and subtle bodies.

A typical session will be guided by the client’s needs focusing on using natural remedies to bring one’s health back into alignment. Caitlin also places an emphasis on educating her clients with lifelong skills and empowering them with useful knowledge so they can heal themselves. Time and time again she is amazed and honoured to support people on their healing journey and connect them with the medicine of the plants.


Vanessa Muradian, Sexologist

Vanessa is the founder of Mia Muse has been working in the sex and wellness industry for close to 10 years. Sexology sessions with Vanessa will focus on identifying blocks that prevent you from being intimate with yourself and others and provide you with techniques to prioritise your sexuality to shift energy and be present with what you are feeling. Vanessa’s sessions may also include meditation and yoga.

"I love doing this work as I believe sexuality and our connection to our sexual selves is imperative in living a full and healthy life. Sexuality, sensuality and our expression of it, whether through dancing, gardening, cooking, sex, or any activity that contributes to greater wellbeing can nurture a woman’s connection to herself and ultimately her desires. I would love to help you connect to yourself deeply, help you shift blockages that get in the way of intimate relationships and generally just provide you a safe space for exploration, so that you can live the most dynamic, passionate and full life that you are capable of."